Fusion | Results driven marketing for the new home industry …it's our passion.

Results driven marketing for the new home industry …it's our passion.

As of this writing, the Fusion strategic and creative team is deeply immersed in over fourteen urban and suburban multi-family residential projects, as well as some of the Northwest’s most innovative Second Home and New Urbanism communities. From our beginning, the New Home Industry has been a passion of our principals. That passion continues to this day. We see the importance of quality urban village-style redevelopment, infill and mixed-use projects as a way to attract buyers and renters to new communities where they can enjoy a richer quality of life.

We live and breathe the New Home Buyer and the Apartment Dweller, fast becoming one of the most important market segments. We study their interests and their habits. We pay attention to where they shop, where they eat, and how they live their lives. Our immersion leads to marketing success for our clients, because we can help a homebuilder or apartment developer match both product and story to the wants and needs of the new buyer.

A Record of Success

In 2007, West Seattle’s High Point neighborhood was awarded the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Global Award for Excellence. High Point was among five outstanding developments selected worldwide.

The Urban Land Institute’s Awards for Excellence program, established in 1979, recognizes the full development process of a project, not just its architecture or design. The criteria for the awards include leadership, contribution to the community, innovations, public/private partnership, environmental protection and enhancement, response to societal needs, and financial success.

The Fusion team was deeply involved in the successful marketing of this in-city, high density, mixed-use, mixed income community. Fusion’s passion for the urban lifestyle, a connection with the urban buyer, and instincts for how to design both product and communities for this market, makes us one of most unique marketing and branding companies in the United States.

A Successful Launch

When the large public builder, Benchmark Homes, entered the Puget Sound Market they added Fusion to their launch team. We came alongside them with local market and product research, creative development and messaging to draw buyers to their launch community, The Preserve at Tumwater. Their launch was successful, the homes very appealing, and sales strong. We welcome them to our home market and expect to see great things!

Since the early 1980s, Fusion’s creative and strategic work has generated local, regional, national and international recognition for our clients. And that recognition instills buyer confidence.

The Fusion team has become one of the Nation’s most awarded marketing team, with local, regional and national accolades in competitions, including taking top honors in the PCBC Gold Nuggets, MAME Awards, The Nationals and many, many others.

Oyhut Bay, A Seaside Village

Watch this space as the news unfolds about Oyhut Bay, a brand new vacation community in Ocean Shores. The Fusion Team is guiding the marketing of this project on all fronts, from branding to Internet to day-to-day execution. We promise to take you with us on this journey as we introduce the Northwest home buyer (and vacation renter) to The Natural Side of Ocean Shores.

A Deep Understanding of Community

Seattle’s Columbia City and Rainier Valley neighborhoods are ranked among the most ethnically diverse in the United States. The Fusion team has been deeply immersed in some of those areas’ most successful new home communities: Othello Station (the second phase of New Holly) and Rainier Vista. Fusion’s contributions included branding, active marketing and advertising, signage and Internet. Fusion also led the charge with community marketing partnerships and local marketing campaigns, partnering with local businesses and restaurants to spread the word about these new communities!

Selling the New Urban Lifestyle

Fusion has had great marketing success across a wide range of product types and buyer profiles. From professional singles and couples seeking single family homes, to the urban hipster and city workforce looking for great for lease properties, to families looking for a second home, our branding and marketing executions have given our developer clients a strong competitive advantage.

The Light Rail Connection

As light rail changes the face of many cities, Fusion brings an extended experience in local TOD (Transit Oriented Development). In Seattle, we created the marketing for Rainer Vista and Othello Station, two of the first communities on light rail in the Seattle Market. The creative and strategic team that created Fusion launched the successful marketing and branding campaign for Orenco Station, an urban village on the MAX light rail line in Portland’s Hillsborough suburb. Orenco Station was voted America’s Best Community by the National Association of Home Builders.

A good logo is worth a thousand words. Every picture tells a story. Names create meaning. Fusion can help you set the stage for marketing success, starting with the very first step.


You DON’T own your brand. Your customer owns your brand based on what you say and what you do. Are you telling a consistent story?

Master Planned Communities

We’ve heard that managing marketing co-ops of strong-willed builders can be a lot like herding cats. We love creating a cohesive team that always leads to long-term success.


The window is short. The budgets are tight. The pressure to fill a new building puts everything on the line. It’s the kind of atmosphere where Fusion shines. (We are now working on our 18th for-lease branding campaign.)

Integrated Internet

A website needs more than a pretty face! It needs a hard working SEO strategy and integration with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and other Social Media to drive maximum results.

Today’s Buyers Like To Sell Themselves

Spend more face time with discovery and less time giving presentations. Touch screen presentations allow your prospects to begin to sell themselves.

Story Telling

No one can tell a story better than a happy homeowner. For the past 12 years, Highlands People have been convincing other people to come live in the Northwest’s most successful master planned community.

Urban Redevelopment

The mixed-use, mixed income, mixed heritage nature of urban redevelopment teaches lessons that sharpen the skills of any marketing team.

Big Impressions On Small Screens

Go ahead…visit your website on your cell phone. If what you see does not look like one of these you may be missing an opportunity with 50% or more of your visitors.

Engaging Experiences

It’s not how much you spend on your sales center exhibits, it’s how warmly you welcome your visitors that makes a sales center effective. A good experience begins with a strong idea, not a fat wallet.

Good Signage = Good Manners

When you welcome someone into your home, don’t you want them to feel at ease, at home and welcome? The same thing applies to your community.

Marketing Makeovers

Do you have a project that you think could be doing better! Fusion has a winning touch with Marketing Make-overs and Reenergizing. Ask us about FUSION’s multi-discipline Confidential SWAT Team Analysis.


Why spend big money on media? Go right to your target audience. Fusion has perfected guerrilla marketing, event and local marketing programs that work for real estate.

Show Your Good Side

Architectural photography, Illustration and story telling community images are key to bonding with your potential buyers. Fusion’s design team brings 30+ years experience and a very strong Rolodex to every project.  It shows.

Zig When Others Zag

The exclusive Fusion developed ‘Zine has proven the be a great way to turn your sales materials into an outreach tool that shows up on the counter of merchants through out your market area.


At 60 miles an hour, brevity counts.

LIV Large

LIV is one of 24 apartment communities branded by Fusion since 2013. The explosion of apartment development around the Northwest and other US growth markets has created a highly charged, fiercely competitive market. Strong branding and messaging is the key to rapid lease-up to begin the return on investment. The Fusion Team has become masterful at partnering with our developer and owner clients for buildings large and small.

The Art of Quick Response

When our client decided to dedicate the ground floor commercial space in the very successful Post Apartments, they called on Fusion to create a visible presence that was worthy of this rapidly upscaling urban neighborhood. Our solution was to create a tableau of full-size window murals telling the story of the neighborhood and setting the stage for both the street-side storage and luxury apartments above.

Rebranding an Urban Icon

Tower 801 landed in downtown Seattle shortly after the 1962 World’s Fair creating quite a buzz. In 2014, new owners completely updated the building to capture the growing market of downtown and South Lake Union high-income renters and commissioned Fusion to take this makeover public with a robust leading website.


The First New Ocean Shores Community in 30 Years

On July 3, 2015, visitors got their first view of what’s to come at Oyhut Bay, a new shore-side traditional neighborhood design village at Washington’s Ocean Shores. Located adjacent to the 688 acre Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area, this new mixed-use urban village will become home to thousands of visitors and residents in the coming years.

Fusion Launches a Waterfront Sensation

Over 50% of this mid-rise waterfront condominium sold the weekend of its Grand Opening. The complete sell out took less than six months. A big part of this success was doing the basics of marketing really, really well. Fusion created the branding, the pre-launch Internet buzz, and a very inviting presentation center. All on a remarkably tight budget.

Take Your Message to the Masses

Match up your target buyer with well-attended events in your area! Then take your message to them with a simple, yet memorable personal presentation. Do you think it’s expensive? What does your weekend ad cost in the LA Times? Sacramento Bee? Chicago Times or Houston Chronicle? When compared to media, this kind of promotion packs a huge wallop!