Fusion | How Many Facebook Friends Do You Have?

How Many Facebook Friends Do You Have? February 13, 2009 | By Al Doyle

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Every week I’m getting a batch of new Facebook friends over 40 years old. And they are actually using this surprising new media to send notes, invitation and even photo of their kids and dogs.

What does this mean for those of us marketing new homes and communities?

It means the “Social Network” train has left the station and we’d better be on board!

The paradigm is shifting. Facebook is no longer just a way for college kids to track their social lives. Linked-in is the new Rolodex for millions of serious business people. Millions of individuals and companies are sharing their photos on Flickr. YouTube is ranked #2
behind Google as the most popular search engine. And 100% of homebuyers form their first impressions of projects and communities from their time spent on websites.

Campbell Homes of Colorado Springs, CO is a great example and one of my new Facebook Friends. One of their staffers, Kelly Noble is their “internet concierge” and is doing a fantastic job of communicating with customers and real estate agents.

I’d love to add you as one of my Facebook friend. Head over right now and find me.