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In The Market for a New Dog?

In The Market for a New Dog? March 13, 2009 | By Al Doyle

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Bruce, Diana, Carleigh and I are in another session today with another of our Social Media team members. We love these brainstorming sessions as Fusionhappens continues to focus our attention on turning the Social Media and online social networking phenomenon into leads and sales for our friends who sell new homes.  We have to put out a word of caution.  Social Media does not mean simply adding a Facebook page.  The real poetry (and sensational results) come from true integrations of your entire use of the Internet across all available channels.

Integration of Internet efforts, including your natural search, pay-per-click, social media sites and blogging —if you’re brave enough— work together to increase tangible and measurable results.  What is is worth to boost traffic to your main web site?  How much can you reduce your pay-per-click costs by integrating the social media channel?

If you’re curious about hard-core marketing results, maybe we should chat.

And before you add that Facebook page, remember, if you just want a friend, buy a dog.