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Random Acts of Recognition February 13, 2009 | By Al Doyle

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On January 21st, I attended The Nationals awards banquet at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas. Since I had the privilege of helping judge this year’s entries, I was very eager to see and meet the people who did the great work. While surrounded in a sea of glitzy cocktail gowns and spiffy suits, I was reminded of what a powerful motivator recognition can be.

Peter Mayer and Lisa Parrish are the producers of The Nationals, PCBC and similar awards competitions and black tie extravaganzas all over the country and are recognition experts. They continue to teach to the fundamentals: recognition may be the most cost-effective form of motivation.

Recognition can be as simple kind word, a sincere note or card, or thoughtful gift. This is one time when you can rely on the old adage: “it’s the thought that counts”. Even the simple phrase “good job” or even more powerful “thank you” can pay huge dividends no matter what the market conditions are. And when market conditions are like they are in the new home industry this year, recognizing the hard work of ALL our team members is more important than ever.

To see some “over the top” Watch Mary DeWalt, Mary DeWalt Design Group, Inc. (nice dress!) introduce Adrienne Albert of The Marketing Directors, Inc. who was named Legend of Residential Marketing as part of The Nationals 2009 Awards Ceremony.

What random acts of recognition have you seen lately?

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