Fusion | The Future of Real Estate Marketing #1
The Future of Real Estate Marketing #1

The Future of Real Estate Marketing #1 July 12, 2017 | By Al Doyle

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The Fine Art of Being Everywhere At Once

Back in the day, the tool most properties relied on was signage. A good sign would capture the eye and attention of anyone walking or driving by. If your phone number type was big enough to read from a car, you were golden. If your sign had a photo that flattered the listing agent, all the better.

Today, a good sign is still critical, and indulging the listing agent will never go out of fashion.

However, we no longer count on drive-bys. Our new home and commercial buyers usually start their searches in their pajamas and slippers, on-line, glued to a screen, large or small.

That means every marketing campaign has to be supported by a robust on-line presence. You start with a solid website that is easy to navigate and packed with information.

Double down on search engine optimizations with a campaign of paid search using the terms your prospects are most likely to use. Google can help with this. Generous of them, isn’t it?

Be on Facebook. It’s a community that reaches your prospects, as well as your neighborhood brokers.  A good Facebook presence can add to your exposure, as well as show off details of your product.

Test Facebook ads. They can be great for rental, vacation rentals, resorts, and some single family homes.  It’s low cost, easy to execute, so go ahead and test it.

Instagram, Twitter, and Houzz are ways to feed your Facebook, if you’re feeling technically frisky.

And be sure to keep and manage your database of prospects. Our Seattle friend Bill Hurme has been sending a weekly e-letter for a about as long as there has been email.  It’s takes a bit of work, but so does anything that’s worth doing.

wrapped car add to fine are of real estate marketing
A wrapped car was a great way to introduce this top quality apartment complex.

If your company has cars or vans, add some branding.  Billboards can cost thousands a month. A car on the road has the same kind of impact for years, for the price of a one-time wrap.  Get creative, get intrusive, get noticed.

So today, be everywhere.

As you take marketing inventory, start with your signage and make sure it stands out, but then go on to Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, your contact list and most importantly, make sure your website is outstanding. Because your website is usually that first “drive-by”. You really do have to be everywhere at once!