Fusion | "Shut The Front Door:" Surprises About Cross Cultural Buyers

"Shut The Front Door:" Surprises About Cross Cultural Buyers January 17, 2017 | By Al Doyle

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Cross Cultural buyers can be tricky. In a recent issue of Builder Magazine, correspondent Jennifer Goodman related how home buyers from other countries sometimes don’t shut the sales office front door when they enter, which can catch the sales personnel off guard. There’s a lot to think about when dealing with home shoppers from non-US cultures.

Open more doors. Close more sales.

It’s an article we highly recommend.  A recent website created by Fusion for Summerwell, an uber upscale neighborhood on Mercer Island includes a welcome page in Mandarin to welcome buyers from China. Here’s a link so you can check it out. Being as hospitable to this important buyer segment can be a tricky process, but well worth the effort. Our mantra has alway been “Good Manners is Good Business!