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The Sky is Falling..The Sky is Falling...

The Sky is Falling..The Sky is Falling... August 5, 2015 | By Al Doyle

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Today’s Seattle Times featured a story by reporter Nina Shapiro on the effects of Amazon on its hometown. Wow… it was like Chicken Little crying the “sky is falling….” Lot’s of talk about traffic congestion and soaring home prices. Horrible, horrible news…. Or was it?

In 2006 Fusion created and produced the Green Living Expo for the City of Seattle at the redeveloped High Pointe neighborhood in West Seattle.

As someone who’s actively looking for a new home inside the city of Seattle, I can relate to how hard it is going to be to pay more and get less. But, I could be looking in Snohomish…. or Bellingham.

Why are we looking in Seattle?
Because it’s a very liveable city, and because employers like Amazon, Seattle are attracting new jobs and new dollars. Those dollars are going to keep this city moving forward in terms of an already highly livable community with parks, services and maybe someday, event decent mass transit.

I also found out something interesting in my home search. There are some outstanding new homes on the market. Many tucked into primo neighborhoods. I love the idea of three stories plus a rooftop deck. All the latest green technology and materials to keep costs and maintenance low, as well as open and stylish design.

Rudd, Saltaire, BDR, Isola, are going great in-fill work. Over the years, I have personally worked on in-city redevelopment of award-winning caliber, including High Point, Rainier Vista and New Holly. I know we can accommodate more workers with smart growth.

Amazon and other growing companies make great targets, but the region will be better served keeping the heat on the Mayor and the City Council. They need to make it easier to meet the demands of a healthy, growing workforce.