Selling the Urban Lifestyle

Fusion has had great marketing success across a wide range of product types and buyer profiles. From professional singles and couples seeking single family homes, to the urban hipster and city workforce looking for great for lease properties, to families looking for a second home, our branding and marketing executions have given our developer clients a strong competitive advantage.


The new shiny thing always gets all the attention. That’s what owners of legacy apartment communities found out when the West Coast market for new apartments boomed!  To compete for tenants and increased rents, these buildings needed to be spruced up!

That’s where our long-time client Saltaire showed up to play!  Seeing a great opportunity, the Saltaire team created systems and capabilities that allow complete renovations to existing buildings with minimum disruption to existing tenants.

Fusion extended the brand and messaging to reach this new audience and increase the line of clients waiting for Saltaire’s services.