Results Driven Marketing

The Sweet Spot Between “Big Agency Overhead” and “Do It Yourself.”

We offer something most businesses need: relevant and responsive marketing advice and execution. No committees, no layers of bureaucracy, no waiting for a response.

We partner with our clients. We go deep in understanding their business. We take a long-term view. We bring our decades of experience and our commitment of ownership. Everyone working on your marketing initiatives is an owner. We have skin in the game. Your game.

We know our stuff. We’ve proven ourselves, over and over. And we bring our curiosity and passion. We want to learn your business. We study your competition. We dig deep into the details. We base your messaging on what motivates your customers and your market.

The result of all this is consistent performance. Continually improving results. And a growing bang for your marketing buck.



There is no substitute for experience.

Fusion is a close-knit team of seasoned professionals who have been around the block a few times. We believe strong communication starts with sound strategy. And sound strategy comes from a deep-dive into understanding our client’s business. Our client’s customers. And our client’s competition. We bring objectivity, a passion for our work, and a history of finding compelling ways to tell your story to the right people.

E & Web

We’ve been studying the web from its birth.

We have created award-winning websites, email campaigns, and powerful search. We create social media campaigns. We test, measure, refine, and report, ensuring constant improvement and a consistent voice for your business.


Our Passion is matching your brand with your target audience and customer base.

We create long-lasting value-added and provide more bang for your marketing and advertising dollars. Your image is important and the Fusion team makes sure your image and communications rise above the competition.


An effective branding message is like creating a powerful opening paragraph for a novel.

We want the reader to quickly relate and then want more of what you have to offer. It’s what we do best. We want you to believe in your messaging so much you’ll want to wear it on a baseball cap.


Making Waves-The Fusion Newsletter

Story is the unwritten background empowering every brand, great or small. Your story is unique. Yet, it needs to resonate with your many and varied clients and customers.

Making Waves is Fusion’s irreverent and topical look at today’s advertising and marketing trends, delivered to your inbox each Monday. It is often Good for a lesson. Good for a start to your week. And frequently Good for a laugh. You also can count on it being mercifully short!

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Visionary clients inspire great work!

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“Collaborate is a great word for Fusion because they are all about making the client part of the team to achieve the best result. Great graphics, inspired storytelling, precise execution and a passion for finding the right voice to engage the intended audience are all strengths of Fusion… and they always seem to be relevant. I LOVE working with Fusion.”read more