Awar-winning website for Summerwell created by Fusion.

Thursday night, November 16, The Tribute Awards for 2017 spread a lot of love. Hard working sales, marketing design and construction professionals from the New Home Industry received recognition for jobs well done. Among the winners this year was our team from Fusion. Fusion’s work for our smart client, Summerwell, was honored for both “BEST WEBSITE”, as well as the “COMMUNITY OF THE YEAR- NEIGHBORHOOD”!

Awar-winning website for Summerwell created by Fusion.

Some of the website features the judges appreciated were the running water in the kitchen faucet, the twinkling flames in the fireplace, and the home page link to a Mandarin language page.

We were most pleased that our FUSION web team placed three finalists for BEST WEBSITE out of five slots. Besides the, the judges give accolades to for an up-and-coming builder, as well as www.rmhomes, for one of the Puget Sound region’s best-known brands.

The “Community of the Year” win for Summerwell was quite gratifying. It was a well deserved long shot celebrating a unique land plan and a high-end community of sixteen homes, each with an individual design by a name architect. We encourage a visit, as the new neighborhood nears the half-way mark. You will get a good feel for how this team is creating something unique and lasting in an in-fill location on Mercer Island. More information and driving directions can be found here on their “award-winning website“.

We thank our great clients for allowing us to help make them look good!