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Here's a Must Read!

Here's a Must Read! March 11, 2009 | By Al Doyle

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We’ve been sending copies of Groundswell to our clients now for about two months. What’s been happening in the new home industry is a large burst of interest in what people are calling “Social Media” or “Networking” sites. Groundswell is such a good starting point for discussions around this topic because Groundswell provides an overview of a change of behavior among the general public from a management perspective. This is not a hands-on tutorial, or a “how to”, or even “Social Media for Morons” title. This book gives us all a quick fly-over of the whole scene from blogging to Twitter to Facebook to Flickr with a good look from a business point of view at why you should care, when you should get involved, and how to allocate your resources to make things happen. The part I like best are the short case histories of real companies facing the questions you and I face every day. Like what do I tell my clients to do with all those Facebook friends?  We have found that reading this book with our clients gives us a common ground from which to move forward.  Right now were starting some exciting new projects (of modest means) using what we call the Core Four of Social Media— Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll keep you posted on the results.