In our last message we shared how Social Media is reaching a truly broad and mainstream audience these days. Lately we have advised clients who are abandoning print advertising to not be so hasty.

Hey, just look at your coffee table or office in-box. Print media is alive and well. In reality there is no better way to tell a long-form story than a full page ad in a well-read consumer or trade magazine. There is no better away to show off product photography than full color with stunning lighting.

Print is alive and well.

As always, it needs to be part of a well-managed multi-channel media campaign.

Print, by its nature also provides precise targeting opportunities.ย  Do you want to reach the high income? The highly traveled? The boat, motorcycle or auto enthusiast? The home shopper? They all have well-read magazines targeted to reach them. And better yet, itโ€™s your prospect who CHOSES the magazine your ad is in.


For powerful print results, bring your campaign needs to the Fusion print team.

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